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Thursday, May 20, 2010


State of world stock markets in a serious condition. All Stock Index of big country already in bearish condition. Example Dow Jones, Hangseng, Nikkei, Europe stock. Etc. Check my technical analysis on DOW JONES.

1.Candlestick broke it’s Moving Average line. After experiencing a decline in few days, it try to climb. But it not strong enough and back down again and again. That’s calls PULLBACK DOWN.

2.MACD line touch -100

3.DEAD CROSS momentum. Momentum(200d) broke down MomentumMA(200d).

4.Relative Strength Index broke down 50%line.

ALL Technical analysis that I used to, indicate DOW JONES IN BEAR POSITION

Indonesia Stock Exchange Condition had the same condition with Dow Jones. See my picture, if candlestick break down SUPPORT at 2625 line that could be more dangerous. Conclusion do not BUY ANYTHING!!! DANGER AHEAD. Get out from This GAME.