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Monday, May 17, 2010

Personal Safety Product

There just happened kidnapping a college student in my city and then raped. The effect was certainly another student in fear. Similar incidents, but nothing ever happened to the student both in town and in other countries. Here I provide some useful tips.

Remain calm under threat. It's difficult, but it must be done. If you learn martial art, it could be easier for you to stay calm. When eye contact and had been threatened at gunpoint, face-to-back eyes and try to find a gap. Novice criminals will be nervous and this opportunity could be used to run. Or you can carry any personal security tools like spray pepper, little knife, or stun gun.

When I surf on the internet. I found That will of help you to find any personal safety products. Like pepper spray, STUN gun, women safety gears, etc. very complete and with reasonable price.

For personal security, take pepper spray equipment. You can make your own by using water and chili pepper and the input into a spray bottle. But homemade not effective enough. Try buying a special eye spray. Special eye spray usually will not easily lose its effect. Or stun guns that’s better one. Stuns your kidnaper till unconscious.

What are you waiting for just buy it now for your safety. Remember crimes occur because there is a chance. BECAREFUL!!