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Monday, November 2, 2009

SIDEWAYS AGAIN, day trade okey

IHSG conditions in The BEAR TREND. Candlestick hit 2279 three times, and go back up. But it is still DANGEROUS. You can buy again when its reach above 2401 with strong volume.

Technical condition is BEAR, because :

1.Candlestick down below moving average 30 days.

2.Relative Strength Index moved below 50%.

But now if you want you can do day trading.

INDF 2950-3050

BUMI 2300-2400

SGRO 2170-2230

ANTM 2200-2260

My opinion IHSG still in Sideways side with range between 2280-2450.


Anton suyono said...

Wakaka rob, what a good technical point, jadi kagum sama disiplinmu