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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Mutual Family

In the present life can be separated from credit and health insurance. That both things support us to have good life mutual family (Mutuelle Familiale) life. But how we can manage it well.

In the middle of past faced life, the more common course of life with credit or debt. Easier you may owe, more “modern” your life. Look in modern country like America or European country, people there frequently asked credit and loan. They have good house, nice brand new car, furniture, new electronic device and many more. How got that BIG NEW HOUSE? Of course many people do Real Estate loan (Pret Immobilier) or Mortgage (Crédit Immobilier). They look like rich people, but in the inside they cannot pay for house hold needs. Many of them are not careful in making credit approval. My suggestion is prioritizing the needs of households and savings, than the credit. Choose good credit institutions which are not binding.

Health insurance much useful than credit. Although the illness not always come, but there is no certainly you always will be healthy. The cost of medical treatment is very expensive. On the other hand, everyone has limitation in the ability to pay medical treatment. Health insurance is way to spare and share risk. By paying small amount of money every month, then will receive compensation for pain condition or even death. You can feel save and happy mutual family (Mutuelle Familiale).