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Monday, November 30, 2009


European union economy bounce back with the recovery signal based on data from EUROSTAT (November 09). This condition indicated by increasing The annual inflation that reached 0.6% on November. This exceeds the analyst estimate that the annual inflation exceeds 0.5%. it will give a good impact for the European economy.

Dubai, concern in credit crunch will affect the economic conditions of other countries and uncertainty of how much exposure of U.S banks in Dubai. Dubai world’s debt isn’t guaranteed by the government. More news here

U.S stock index will still positive with optimistic about holiday sales season on December.

Indonesia, with the problem of CENTURY Bank will bring a number of government officials into court. Finance minister Sri Mulyani and Vice president Boediono will be guided by some politic parties to resign from his or her position. This problem is also related to the diversion of funds by Century Bank. One billion rupiah ran on the hands of partai Demokrat which carried Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as President. This BAD NEWS can be BAD to invite foreign investors.

MY suggestion dont put all your money at IHSG(Indonesia stock exchange)!! At least 50% you hold.