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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Forex Introduction

Every day I do stock exchange transaction; there is nothing wrong if we try to learn FOREX. Forex (Foreign Exchange) is a type of transaction that buy and sell country’s currency against other currencies. It is an investment product that its nature liquid and international product (Can trade anywhere anyplace).

The velocity of money that happens in the forex market reach U.S $trillion per day. Forex has greater velocity when compared to other futures exchange like any commodity or stock market in every country anywhere in the world. Then from where I get benefit from this investment? Simple, the benefit of this investment from the difference in value when we buy and sell the currency.

I am warning you that, Forex more dangerous than stock exchange. Money can be lost just one second and need more money to play this. Seriously you need guide on forex trading. Forex trading has several advantages spare with the other financial product such as stock exchange or gold, like:

-Very liquid product, many dealer, broker, bank, company, and government play in forex market.

-Can trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, wherever we are.

-Very low transaction cost.

-Has two potential advantages (Up or down).

-You can trade more than your money you own with margin.

When I read Forex secrets for traders. There are some things must be considered. You must be discipline and do not bet all your money in this investment. Manage your financial is the most important thing. It can be your guide and giving you tips to play forex. More secret will give if you subscribe. Learn the basic of Forex before you lost money. If you want to know more about forex guide check HAPPY TRADING.


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Marketiva said...

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