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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Playing WAR Game

Do you like fun and exciting game? If you say YES, try paint ball game. Paint ball is a war simulation game using paint bullets (uses a paint gun). Type of paint ball game is: Defense and attack, capture the flag of your opponent, release the hostage, etc.

You are pleased with the scenes of combat, can channel the hobby is playing paint ball. One of my favorite locations is Pujon Malang (Indonesia East Java). That place provides paintball, outbound and rafting facility. I became a fan of paint ball since 3 years ago. Sometimes on holiday I play with my friend. WUUUUIITTTS Its very-very exciting game, like a real war, but it is safe. MUST TRY IT!!!

If you want to play paintball you need some equipment like paintball gun, paintball masks, protective vast, paintball ink, etc. if you difficult to get equipment, and want to have it for your own, try check this site sells a lot of paint ball tool. Tools like: mini gun, pistol, sniper, best paintball mask, ink, best tactical vest, casual apparel, air soft guns, etc. The price and the type of offer are very diverse. Below there are examples picture of spider victor type:

Spider Victor

Benefits from playing paint ball are Improve team work collaboration, morale booster, stress reliever. Play with our family member or your working partner and you will be HAPPY.