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Monday, December 7, 2009

Buy BUMI or NOT????

What share that is good to buy in December 2009?? Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG) getting more volatile or unstable. Bakrie group which RULE IHSG in 2007 – 2009, now it does not happen again. In 2007 BUMI (Bumi Resources Tbk) became pioneer stock market rise, but in this December or last months it still stuck in the low level.

What will you do NOW?? BUY it again n hope it will rise in 2010?? Because many people say it’s cheap!! Cheap can go cheaper, HIGH can go HIGHER. AS I SAID THERE IS NOW LOW OR HIGH in stock market, only GOOD PRICE or BAD PRICE.

GOOD PRICE. Do not care even if the price of the purchased on HIGH level or LOW level but the price going UP after you buy it. Good analysis.

BAD PRICE. Do not care even if the price of the purchased on HIGH level or LOW level but the price going DOWN after you buy it. Need study again.

Many friends of mine asked me like this “is BUMI still worth to buy or not?? ” As I said for a short term is still good but not buy in the middle of political mess. Compared with the other stock in the same sector (COAL), BUMI now in LOW LEVEL and the other like ITMG and PTBA in HIGH LEVEL. Looks pictures below:

Many person when see this picture they think like this. PTBA and ITMG had returned to above price, and BUMI had not, so I will buy BUMI and hope it will go to 8000 point. That is wrong decision, there must be something wrong with BUMI fundamental, if it leader of IHSG so it must reach 8000 now, but it don’t.

My suggestion buys BUMI but not wait till 800 point to sell, play save and just sell it when it reach 3500 point. THE LAST DO NOT CHOOSE ANY STOCK LIKE THIS FOR LONG TERM!!



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