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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Get out from LOSS

One right plus one again and again!! To many people think that because they have a lot of money in their trading account, that let them to buy a lot of contract five or more. THIS IS BAD, you are wrong! If you just pick one at a time and get successfully, you can add one more, success add one more. Do not be greedy, that can kill you. If you lose lower your trade size!

Get out from loss quickly. You are a loser if you do not get out of the losing trade once you recognize that trade is no good. You can use technical analysis like relative strength index and moving average to help you! Or if, in your mind that the trade is no good then you can get out, and do not regret it when you are wrong, just learn from it.

What your BEST LOSS, THE FIRST ONE. Once you come to the realization that your trade is no good it. is best to exit immediately. .It is never a loser until you get out. and .Not to worry, it will come back. are often said tongue in cheek, by traders in the pit. Once the phrase is stated, it is an affirmation that the trader realizes that the trade is no good, it is not coming back and it is time to exit.