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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dow Jones Industrial prediction this week

After touch Moving Average 30 days (Red Line) DOW candlesticks go up again, its look like that TREND is still SIDEWAYS until break up RESISTANCE(9586.69).

Many indicators that indicate that TREND is SIDEWAYS, like :

1.Commodity Channel Index still move around zero line.

2.MACD red signal move above MACD line twice!!

3.Bollinger Band move straight, not up, not down!!

For long time still BULLISH!! But very-very slow!

1.Momentum 200 days still move above momentum ma200d!

2.Relative Strength Index still move around 50%-70%!

My prediction DOW still move below its resistance (9586.69).

If you want to buy, buy it when market close RED, and sell it tommorow!! Play fast