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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do not Be GREEDY

This morning everyone shocked that IHSG can reach 3524 points. Most of them wanted to buy this morning, they bought everything before is to late. But a few of them scared, they looked that IHSG already jumped out too fast. Fastest in the whole world stock market. I suggested do not buy anything yet, just wait till it come down. Faster the ride, the more rapid fall. There is always a chance to buy, but not NOW. OKEY. Be fear if everyone be greedy.

If you look my chart that indicate IHSG already broke UP my STRONG RESISTANCE (3457 point). MACD signal going up faster. Momentum show bull trend. Relative strength index still in good position. From all that indicators, I can tell that now IHSG in VERY BULL CONDITION.

When the best time to BUY??? Buy, when candlestick touch BUYING line or Moving Average 30 days. Play save and happy trading my friend thank you.