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Sunday, August 29, 2010


The Dow Jones plummeted to below the level of 10,000 in trading Thursday (08/26) New York time as investors see the trend of declining economic growth in the second quarter. Follow-up selling pressure hit the stocks of technology-based Nasdaq index lost gain is large enough. The Dow Jones industrial average closed lower end down 74.25 pts or 0.74 percent, to 9985.81 and the Standard & Poor's 500 Index slipped 8.11 percent to 1047.22 and the Nasdaq lost 22.85 pts to 2118.69.
IHSG will soon be entering a long vacation. My advice do not hold any shares until the stock market reopened or buy a day before the start of the holiday.

IHSG now at 3102 point, it still go down near 3052 point. IF IHSG CANDLE IN THIS WEEK DROP BELOW MOVING AVERAGE 30, You should buy some stocks. Choose SGRO, SMCB, ADRO, INDF, PTBA, ANTM, TINS, INCO, PGAS. DO NOT BUY ANY BAKRIE’S COMPANY.

Technical condition Still GOOD
1.Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG) in BULLISH POSITION
2.RSI (Relative Strength Index) above 50% line!! But it will getting lower than before.
3.MACD signal show SELL POINT
4.Green momentum line PULL BACK DOWN.


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