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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time to Day TRADE my frienddd


IHSG (Indonesia Stock Exchange) reach new heights at 2530, but after that candlestick can not break that point! Ihsg moving in the range from 2430 to 2530.

IHSG Technical Analysis

1.Candle Inside BOX

2.Volume iw LOW

3.RSI à still BULL position

4.Stochastic show time to buy!

5.William%r show again to buy!


Watch out This is sideway! If candlestick move through 2530 you can buy again! Otherwise if it move down below 2430 do not Buy anything or sell all the shares that you have!!

Because its sideways, Its time for day trading! Buy and sell within this range :

1.BUMI 2700-3000

2.INDF 3100-3200

3.ANTM 2550-2650

4.TINS 2100-2200

5.PTBA 14500-14800