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Monday, April 13, 2009

Buy it BUY BUY happy GAIN

My money RP 8.904.215

I calculate the commission at the time of selling shares
Total commission for buy and sell stock is 0,7%

My Stocks
ANTM (Aneka Tambang Tbk) 5 lots at price 1070

5 Lots at price 1220=5 x 500 x 1220 = 3.050.000

BUY SMCB (Semen Cibinong Tbk) STOCK
10 Lots at price 620=20 x 500 x 620 = 3.100.000

ANTM (Aneka Tambang Tbk) 5 lots at price 1070

SMCB (Semen Cibinong Tbk) 10 lots at price 620

TINS (Timah Tbk) 5 lots at price 1220

MY MONEY NOW RP 2.754.215

Look Picture below!!!

Semen cibinong chart

Why I BUY SMCB (Semen Cibinong Tbk)

1.Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG) in BULLISH POSITION

2.A CUP had broken by Candlestick with high volume!!

3.RSI (Relative Strength Index) above 50% line!!

3.Commodity Channel Index above 100.

4.Bollinger Band upper line hit TWICE!!

Next Target is 710 watch it okey!!

Why I BUY TINS (Timah Tbk), has same reason when I buy SMCB

BECAUSE ALL SECTOR IN IHSG go towards BULL, I have spent 75% amount of my money. The next 25% wait till pullback happen!!